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Sneak Peek into Club Ethecs Stays vs. Club Ethecs Vacations Club Ethecs Vacations or Club Ethecs Stays ?
Here is a comparison between Club Ethecs Stays and Club Ethecs Vacations!

1.  Duration of Membership: 
Both Club Ethecs Stays and Club Ethecs Vacations offer a 7-year membership plan, ensuring members can enjoy their benefits for an extended period.


2.  Annual Usage:
Club Ethecs Stays provides 6 nights per year for a couple, while Club Ethecs Vacations offers a 5-day trip each year for a couple. The difference lies in the way the annual benefits are structured.


3.  Accommodation Quality: 
Club Ethecs Stays offers 4-star equivalent hotels with a minimum of 3 options at each destination, providing members with a slightly higher standard of accommodation. Club Ethecs Vacations offers 3-star equivalent hotels.


4.  Destinations: 
Club Ethecs Stays provides access to 100+ destinations within India and 7 other countries, offering a wide variety of options. Club Ethecs Vacations focuses on 7 Inteational Destinations, making it suitable for members looking to explore inteational locations specifically.


5.  Inclusions: 
Both packages include breakfast, offer EMI facilities, and have a one-time membership fee. However, Club Ethecs Vacations goes further by including airport transfers and local sightseeing in its package.


6.  One-Time Membership Fee: 
The one-time membership fee for Club Ethecs Stays is Rs. 4,99,000/-,
while Club Ethecs Vacations has a slightly higher one-time membership fee of Rs. 6,49,000/-.




The choice between Club Ethecs Stays and Club Ethecs Vacations depends on individual preferences and travel priorities. Club Ethecs Stays offers more flexibility with annual nights, a broader range of destinations, and a higher accommodation quality, while Club Ethecs Vacations focuses on inteational travel with added benefits like airport transfers and local sightseeing. Ultimately, the decision should align with the member's travel goals and preferences.



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